Sophie Gibson designs

art catalogues

hand holding book. book cover with red background and handwriting. painting of a moon

Lunar Voyage, a catalogue for Tom Hammick’s show of woodcuts at Flowers Gallery, New York. The metallic cover used type I constructed based on the NASA logo
Number 32 a Sketchbook Diary, produced to coincide with By Beck Road 19, as part of Open House London 2019, for artist Mikey Cuddihy’s show
Towards Night, a catalogue for an exhibition at the Towner Gallery, Eastbourne


booklet cover for mental health. booklet cover for NHS on asthma. booklet cover for Tate art gallery about learning and play. booklet for health reseach with rainbow colours.

Implemental part of a series of booklets and flyers produced for the Implemental Charity, who work with different governments around the world to promote good mental health and wellbeing
Improving Asthma… the National Institute of Health’s information about developing an online asthma control assessment tool for children, to be implemented across the NHS
Tate Britain booklet about services from the education department
ARC Handbook support, resources and guidance available to researchers


a modern kitchen in white and grey. a modern kitchen with marble. contemporary home with pictures on wall

– adverts and promotional brochures for companies


leaflet cover about Bethnal Green Gateway in London inside of leaflet about Bethnal Green Gateway

Tower Hamlets consultation documents for an urban regeneration project working to improve the lives of communities


NHS magazine cover. Kings College London magaizine cover. No Kidding! magazine cover

NIHR magazine for people using the services
Introducing the Institute of Psychiatry one of many initiatives from the department to communicate its work and structure
No Kidding! a title produced and published by the small company I set up with a partner, it was distributed free to seven- to eleven-year-old children through schools for five years.


Labour party poster about climate change. painting of boat, rocket and moon by Tom Hammick. painting of person standing in the dark by Tom Hammick. painting of a house at night by Samatha Cary.

Labour Party Lewes, East Sussex
Lunar Voyage Tom Hammick at The Drawing Schools, Eton College
Night Animals Tom Hammick’s work at Flowers Gallery, Cork Street, London
Domestic Creatures Samantha Cary at Eagle Gallery, London



As a freelance designer I work across a wide range of institutions, producing material for print and screen. Clients include arts organisations – including national museums and galleries – charities, campaigns, small to medium size businesses, urban regeneration projects, academic organisations and the NHS. As part of a small team I set up, developed and maintained a website containing information for family members and friends of people with an illness that resulted in the symptoms of psychosis. Funded by The Wellcome Trust, it was developed with the help of researchers at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience (part of King’s College London), and mental health professionals working at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Currently I work freelance within the National Institute of Health Research that works to improve health and social care in South London. The communications team and I produce printed and digital information distributed to academics, healthcare workers and the public.

Much of my work is with artists, poets and musicians. This includes setting up, designing and maintaining websites and producing different kinds of publicity material online and for print. I design album covers and posters for musicians and bands and design as well as working with individual artists and galleries to produce books, catalogues and newsletters.